The Boomtown Café creates a community atmosphere that is welcoming to diners of diverse incomes and lifestyles and provides the dignity of a restaurant meal at a very low cost.

We began in 1995 as a non-profit restaurant. We serve affordable and nutritious food to Seattleā€™s homeless and low-income residents and workers. What sets Boomtown apart from other food programs is that Boomtown functions like a business.

We are the only non-profit restaurant in the State of Washington where people can:

  • Use their food stamp cards for hot food
  • Work to pay for a portion of their meals.

For a positive response to panhandling, we sell Boomtown Bucks at $2 per meal.
( $10, $20 and $50 meal coupons books)

These Boomtown Bucks coupons are for hot food at our café.