Creativity is Key !

Please! Brain Storm ideas to support this community:

  • Offer to sponsor an event or party...

  • Organize your church to grow us vegetables..

  • Do a Seattle Scavenger hunt...

  • Buy Boom town bucks

  • Dance-athon for dinner !!

Your ideas are worthy! Let's make it happen!!

Tom Douglas
donated the
Palace Ballroom!

Support for Boomtown

To talk more about contributing time, goods, services or funds to Boomtown Cafe, please contact:

Kim Wright, Executive Director, at (206) 625-2989

One customer said it best, “ I never feel homeless at Boomtown.”

A healthy meal served in a safe, warm and dignified setting makes a difference in the life of someone who is homeless!

We Restarted !!!!!

Since our closure in July of 2005, Boomtown has received an overwhelming outpouring of community support, but we still need your help!

Thanks to their collaborative support, we have temporarily moved to the Millionair Club Charity on Western Avenue. We restarted operations on October 14th with Saturday brunch and are raising money to go forward.

Your investment in Boomtown Cafe will help us operate the café to serve healthful and affordable meals, enhance the sense of dignity and respect, and build community!